Size: Mobile: 105 x 105 cm

Edition number: 2/3 Edition number 1 is sold

Price:  POA.

Over the past five decades BMW have commissioned world famous artists to paint their racing cars. Alexander Calder was the very first. This CSL raced at LeMans in 1974, lasting just six hours and has never turned a wheel in anger ever since!

All dressed up and nowhere to go! It gets pushed around the globe, from art gallery to art gallery. From museum to museum. It’ll never see a race track ever again. Which is a shame as it was built and painted to move. Sadly Alexander Calder died shortly after the car was completed. If he was around today, how would he have liked to see his work of art displayed? Sitting in a glass box, never moving?  

Alexander, being world famous for his mobiles. He would have hung it high and let the wind blow it gently across the sky. We appreciate hanging one of the six editions in your home or office will take some planning. From a vast central 40 foot stair well to a 8 foot high ceiling we have numerous suggestions and recommendations to help hang this wonderful work of art.  

Please don’t hesitate to ask for more information about the possible display solutions.