Size: 105 x 110 cm

Edition number 3/6

Price: POA.  

Yes it’s the Shelby Cobra, number 98 and yes it’s probably the most famous one ever built and raced. Yet the car is only secondary  when it comes to the story captured within this sculpture. It’s all about Ken Miles. Or ‘Teddy-teabag’ as his team mates used to call him.

We’ve all viewed the film ‘Le Mans’ in which we see Ken develop and race the GT40 for the success which was thoroughly deserved. Ken was loved by everyone in all the teams he was involved in, worshiped by Carroll Shelby and respected by all the other drivers he ever raced against. 

What you might not know about Ken is he liked Roses and…. Tea. He drank it by the bucket load. Morning, noon and night. It was the ‘British’ thing which set him apart. Shelby at one race had a pit board chalked up with ‘KEN TEA’ to get his attention to encourage him to pull into the pits. 

So wanting this sculpture to be more about the driver, rather than the car, what better way to make this wall mounted sculpture unique? But by adding a little of what kept Ken on his toes all through those long days and nights developing and racing the mighty Shelby Cobra. 

Wonder if he’d drunk coffee he would have been as quick?