Title: Lotus Cortina

Wall mounted. 120 x 60 cm. 

Price per edition: £1500. Plus shipping etc. 


First of the twelve new editions is now complete. All twelve will be painted in different 60’s period colours.The first one is Sea-foam blue.The other colours offered will be Spruce Green, Ermine white, etc, The intent is to paint them all either in a monotone or duotone colour scheme. Check out the colour chart above in the slider, for the twelve colour options.


One car will always be slightly lighter or darker in colour than the other. With side stripes, roof colours, racing stripes and roundels, racing numbers etc, all reflecting the period of the sixties. One extra touch will be to add famous race numbers to the cars.The editions can be hung either landscape as seen mainly in the photo’s or if you have high ceilings or fancy hanging an edition in a stair well, they look just as good hung portrait.


The first edition includes race numbers 96 and 22. Number 96 being one of Clark’s race numbers as well as the famous number 22 belonging to Sir John Whitmoor. The leading car has its  off side wheel hanging in the air, as seen in all the famous photo’s and a few racing scars are evident. Enjoy the photos!


Ordering an edition:

Be quick!!!! Two of the main car magazines are just about to show the first edition with info and photo’s. So all twelve will be snapped up very quickly.The plan at this time is for you to choose a colour. Then do some research and request some race numbers which you might recall which reflects your own memories or films you might have seen when watching Cortina’s rubbing paint. (The battles at Goodwood over the past few years are well worth checking out) I’m asking for 25% deposits to hold the edition you would like to purchase. Then once the edition is complete, and you have been forwarded a full portfolio of images of the edition, the remainder of the fee can be paid and the edition shipped. Obviously if you can get to darkest south London, you are more than welcome to visit the studio and check out the first edition for yourself. And collect your own edition once complete.


Each edition comes ready to hang. All are numbered, signed and all come with issue certificates, which are also dated and include the name of the person the edition has been sold to.