Ferrari 330 P4.

Third place, Le Mans 1967.
One-off edition.
Casting edition 4/6
Size: 120 x 120 cm.

Price: POA.


Ferrari connoisseurs consider the 330 P4 to be the most beautiful shape ever created by the Italian company. And only four were ever built. Just Four… All raced and wrecked, all involved in probably Ferrari’s best period of sports car racing.


Number 24, unique, battered and dirty complete with smashed front lights and wing took 3rd place back in 1967 at LeMans. It follows on from the number 21 car created for the triptych edition. The base is some 120 cm square, so it’s big! You can hang it anyway you like, nose down on a stair well. Side on over a desk or couch. Which ever way it’s finally displayed, it’ll be hard not to stare at it all day long.