1965 LeMans. Ferrari 250LM

Title: Pressure
Ferrari 250LM LeMans 1965
Limited edition of 3
Size: 115 x 115 cm
Price POA

This wall mounted race damaged Ferrari 250LM carries on with the concept of capturing an exact moment in time within a famous race. The place, LeMans. The year, 1965. And the time? Twenty two hours into the twenty four hours race! At that exact moment on the Mulsanne straight whilst speeding along at 190mph, a dodgy Dunlop let go.  There are numerous photos of the car after the explosion, but to date I’m not aware of any artist capturing the exact moment the tyre detonated. Luckily the car managed to limp back to the pits for a change of wheel and tyre, underwear for the driver and it eventually returned to the race and finished second.

The sculpture is mounted on a square wall base, which can be hung in various ways to suit the location you might have in mind. Either positioned with the nose of the car facing downward or if you like to see the drama of the damage to the rear of the car, it can be hung with the nose of the car facing upwards. The choice is up to you. The 1965 LeMans race was about as good as it gets. Take the time to read about the race, the Phantom driver, Enzo’s attempts to bribe another team to slow down. All the mechanical problems of the Fords and other teams…. It’s quite a story. Enjoy!